Why your personal brand is more important now, than ever

Personal branding is imperative in our age of social media. However, during times of crisis and uncertainty like the unfortunate one we are currently experiencing, personal branding is more important than ever before.

Here's why:

- All the proof around the power of successful branding hinges on trust (not to mention relatability). People started sitting up and noticing the power of personal branding when trust in big brands started to dwindle. Global PR firm, Edelman, has in fact developed a 'Trust Barometer', which every year records the general sentiment of consumers, and has indicated a continuous movement towards more purpose-driven businesses thanks to customers demanding more from their money.

Trust is never a more valuable currency than during a time of crisis. As vast amounts of our global population are thrown into a phase of uncertainty, it is in our natural behaviour to seek out something, or someone, we can hold on to.

- This also means you are presented with a unique opportunity to step up and cement your brand purpose at this time. Will you choose to provide reassurance and fact-checked information to your audience? Will you instead decide to take another route, and provide lighthearted content as some comic relief to lift people's spirits? Or put your head in the sand once this is all over and try to build a brand when no-one's listening?

Screen time is up by 18% as more people are spending time at home.

Celebrities, social media influencers, and entrepreneurs alike are taking to the networks to raise their game and provide real value to their followers. (Bear in mind screen time has been reported to be up by 18% in the past few weeks, so your previously captive audience is now spending more time online as they stay at home and try to process this situation).

- As you step up to this opportunity to be a source of value or entertainment, the depth of connections there is to be made during this time will make you far more memorable than any other given state of normality. Reframe the situation and use it to your advantage.

- Last and by no means least: many businesses are providing free or heavily discounted support during this time - whether it's half-price subscriptions or discounted learning programmes - meaning you have all the tools at your disposal, at a better price than you might normally get it! This includes Amplenary's SS20 10-Part Programme, which kicks off in May 2020. As a special COVID-19 offer, we are bringing an exclusive 50% discount for new sign-ups. See more here.

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This blog post was written by Stephanie Melodia, co-founder of Amplenary and personal branding lead. Stephanie is also the founder of startup marketing agency, Bloom, the host of founder podcast, Time to Bloom, and scout for Ada Ventures.

Amplenary is a unique, 5-week programme for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs. Blending together areas of neuroscience, executive coaching, and personal branding for the very first time, this is a turbo-charged self-development programme unlike any other.

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