What "authenticity" really means, and why this is vital to your branding

Marie Forleo, top cited entrepreneur

You know that personal branding is an important weapon in your marketing arsenal, and you've likely seen the power it can have - when done correctly. If you admire the likes of Marie Forleo or Tony Robbins, two hugely successful entrepreneurs, you'll have noticed how they've mastered the art of personal branding, and used it to their advantage.

In this week's blog post, I explain the importance of authenticity and what this really means for your personal branding strategy:

In the world of marketing, we saw the rise of the influencer in the early 20-teens. Once the big names reached the pinnacle of blogger fame and started signing big brand deals (in the same way celebrities of yore would also do), the term "authenticity" got banded around marketing circles and quickly became the buzzword of 2017. Whilst rooted in valid concepts, the problem with these ideas is that as soon as they become buzzwords, they lose the original meaning they had in the first place. The business jargon produced in corporate boardrooms leave these concepts feeling - unfortunately - empty.

Chiara Ferragni rose through the ranks of Instagram to celebrity status, signing big brand deals and getting knocked for her lack of authenticity

This purpose of this introduction is to remind you all of the true meaning of being authentic, and not acting out of some buzzword that makes you think you should be doing something over what really comes naturally and easily to you.

The reason why the personal branding module fits so well at the end of the 10-part Amplenary course is because the previous modules (on brain-hacking, mental resilience, emotional intelligence, and strengths agility) all uncover these deep truths to who you are - laying the solid foundations for your online presence.

Make sense?

So when you uncover what makes you truly unique (the chance of someone else having the exact same strengths combination as you - as part of the free Clifton Strengths Finder from Gallup you receive on the course - is 1 in 33 MILLION. That's the population of Peru, by the way - to put that into perspective!) of course you're going to stand out online.

We are all so unique. Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

The other hugely important reason for retaining authenticity with your personal branding is this:

The basic key to any successful online marketing is consistency. You need to regularly show up, get into a rhythm, regardless of followers or engagement (at least at the beginning) and create frequent patterns to build your community.

If authenticity is not the underlying foundation to all your efforts, I can assure you that you will quickly lose interest, your social activity will plummet, and so will your results.

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This blog post was written by Stephanie Melodia, co-founder of Amplenary and personal branding lead. Stephanie is also the founder of startup marketing agency, Bloom, the host of founder podcast, Time to Bloom, and scout for Ada Ventures.

Amplenary is a unique, 5-week programme for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs. Blending together areas of neuroscience, executive coaching, and personal branding for the very first time, this is a turbo-charged self-development programme unlike any other.

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