The Power of Personal Branding

The concept of personal branding is becoming more and more popular, thanks to the advent of social media and the realisation that, actually, the power of the individual, can wield far more than that of a company (at least, in the world of online marketing).

Steph's favourite example of successful personal branding: serial entrepreneur and motivational guru, Gary Vaynerchuk

Businesses themselves are on a constant quest to personify themselves; to embody the values a person would and make themselves as appealing as possible to their target demographic.

This already puts the individual at an advantage.

Whilst social media is a relatively new form of marketing, the key concept to always remember is an old one: people buy into people.

If any of you have had experience with marketing a business, especially a new one, you'll understand how difficult it is to publish relevant and engaging content - especially in a rich format, like videos, and on a regular basis! What a challenge.

Marie Forleo: another shining example of successful personal branding

As an individual, there are no hierarchies or approval levels to go through. As an individual, one can pick up a high-tech camera that neatly fits in our multi-use gadgets in our pocket, and start recording. Of course, most of us need to overcome hurdles in self-confidence to achieve this, but it's a h*ll of a lot easier than over-produced, drawn-out corporate content that's not going to have the same impact as you putting it out there.

On that note, personal accounts receive a much higher engagement rate on their content than posts published by a brand. Of course! Who would you rather interact with; your friend or Waitrose? (As fantastic as the Waitrose Instagram feed is, I'm sure you'd be more excited about seeing a post from your friend. If you're not, maybe you need new friends. Just sayin'!)

Not only is the process of developing and activating your own personal brand a much easier one, but the outcomes of your efforts will be far more impactful, and I guarantee the results you start seeing will be enough to spur you on and help you overcome your self-confidence in front of the camera.

Kim Kardashian-West: the queen of personal branding?

Realise your enormous social capital today and act now!


This blog post was written by Stephanie Melodia, co-founder of Amplenary and personal branding lead. Stephanie is also the founder of startup marketing agency, Bloom, the host of founder podcast, Time to Bloom, and scout for Ada Ventures.

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