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We are Back! 

8 weeks, 5 topics, 3 experts

One You


This is modern-day leadership development unlike anything you've ever seen before.


Amplenary combines powerful insights and practical learnings from the fields of neuroscience, executive coaching, and personal branding. Our online courses take place over 6 weeks, running every Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, unlocking new levels of leadership potential.

Rated 96% overall satisfaction by our international cohorts, our courses are proven to have astounding results as the experts deep dive on five powerful concepts:

  • Brain hacking

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Mental resilience

  • Strengths agility

  • Personal branding

Reena Dayal,
Executive Coach

Maria Chase, NeuroLeadership Coach

Stephanie Melodia, Marketing & Branding


"The combination of the three coaches - each experts in their fields - makes for an incredibly unique course; deep-diving into neuroscience, applying this to leadership management, through to building your personal brand. 

"Working in small groups and building international connections was a bonus."

- Catherine Hamilton, UK

Founder & 2020 Participant

Delivered by three experts with a collective experience of over 55 years and 1000s of hours' of client work this unique, online course will unlock the secret to discovering how you can:

- Play your A-game

- Create more wealth
- Achieve effortless results
- Feel confident
 against all odds

- Feel deeply happy and fulfilled

- Develop clear and focused thinking
- Lead a purposeful and balanced life
- Seamlessly navigating tricky situations
- Build productive and high-performing teams

- Develop engaged, responsive peers and stakeholders

"I found the Amplenary course incredibly valuable. A complete, well-rounded experience full of new information and tools to focus on the important things."

- Melissa Launay, UK

Freelancing Illustrator 


  • 9.6 / 10 Overall satisfaction score

  • 10 / 10  Advocacy rating 

  • 1:1:1 Action plan

  • 40 hours’ live group coaching

  • Peer-to-peer learning 

  • Networking opportunities


"I joined the Amplenary program to learn more about the fascinating worlds of emotional intelligence and neuroscience. I found this program to be so much more than I had imagined; I rediscovered the true meaning of courage as well as reconnecting with my inner strengths. 

"As a result, I am now embarking a new journey where I am focusing on my passion."

- Irenia Roussel, Canada

Producer & SS20 Participant

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Read our expert insights across the fields of neuroscience, executive coaching, and personal branding, for the complete leadership development package.